Backlog #30: Detective (1985)

The DVD Backlog I wrote about last? I’ve ranked them by personal preference (judged mainly on enjoyment rather than objective quality) and will (try) to outline my view on each, from bottom to top, over the months/years/millenia to come.

First up:

Detective (1985, Jean-Luc Godard)


Shady goings-on in an upmarket Parisian hotel. Outwardly this is a crime thriller with a starry cast (hence it exists). This however is a Godard picture: it doesn’t doff anything in the way of convention, most certainly regarding any narrative: the plot follows small cells of characters, trapped within the claustrophobic confines, struggling to relate to anything (beyond their own problems). As none of the people in this film are particularly interesting or sympathetic, depending on one’s mood it can make for a impassive watch (it is definitely a successor to Sauve Qui Peut); however Godard’s inventiveness and motifs (the choice of music is superb) make it rewarding, if not a film to return to very often.


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