Backlog #29: Anne and Muriel (1971)

Nowhere near as good as Jules et Jim and a good deal duller: for a start, the two English girls, whilst very worthy, aren’t Jeanne Moreau. JPL’s flaws as a leading man aren’t going to help much either: he isn’t a Henri Serre, let alone Oskar Werner – whilst he can pull off a convincing seventeen year old suffering from inertia, an interesting romantic hero he can not. Whilst the earlier film had thrill in its first third and then reflection (albeit overextended); Anne and Muriel meanders inexorably between Paris and Snowdonia as young Claude listlessly liaises with the titular heroines. Watching three people fall in love can be as tedious as watching just the two.

The film is partially redeemed by the intense emotion of the reunion tryst at the end (Stacey Tendeter is excellent here) and, as you’d expect, the excellence of Georges Delerue and Nestor Almendros.


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