Backlog #27: Une Femme est Une Femme (1961)

Not the best Godard that I’ve watched, perhaps the worst (and from this evidence not very memorable). I have very little appreciation of musicals, so this film, which takes the sensibility of musicals and puts it in the milieu of kitchen sink Paris sans chansons. Anna Karina (who is rather nice to look at) and Jean-Claude Brialy (who I haven’t taken to much – he certainly does not seem to be very charismatic) have something of a rumbustious relationship that is so unexciting that I’ve forgotten how it resolves. J-PB plays something of a loveable idiot who drifts in and out – he’s good.

I have less time for J-LG’s Franco-Italian co-productions than the lower budget stuff: the gloss and wide spaces don’t really do it for me.


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