Backlog #26: Nada (1974)

An anarchist group kidnap the American Ambassador and attempt to hide him whilst the French administration go to any lengths to retrieve the situation.

After totally mastering the subversion of the psychological thriller, Chabrol, clearly ready to move on, goes sideways in having a go at the political sort. Its territory is similar to The Day of the Jackal (the Republique closes in on the gang to prevent a terrorist outrage), except here it’s not a serious dramatisation but more of a farce. The gang are far too intelligent and humane (and cool too) to be effective in going through with their task and it all slowly goes wrong. In response, the police and representatives of the state are amusingly cynical in their deliberations and action.

A solid, entertaining film, but not enough happens dramatically for it to be one of Chabrol’s best.


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