Trying to Go Places

The journey to Chicago was the longest. I travelled to London on the Saturday. First my brother took me from Wellow, dropping me off in Nottingham close by Rock City. I then walked across to the station.

There was a train change in Grantham. On arrival in London, I took the underground to Rotherhithe. After checking in at the youth hostel, I went for a walk around the local area. I explored the Surrey Quays, looking around the shopping centre there.

In the evening I walked along the South Bank, visiting the Tate Modern museum for a couple of hours. There was an interesting exhibit on living in cities.

Sleeping in my dorm bunk, with the expectation of a long day travel ahead, I was somewhat rudely awoken by my fellow occupants. Keeping my gestations to a minimum, I advised them that I didn’t want to socialise at that particular moment, and left them to it.

The following day, Sunday, I breakfasted (the restuaurant was full of kids), checked out and travelled on the Jubilee line (which was new and futuristically metallic) over to Victoria. The station was heaving and it took a short amount of time to find the Gatwick Express

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